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It is always recommended for a client to interview a few builders to find the best fit for their vision. After reviewing multiple builders, checking referrals, and making your final selection, together with your builder, you should begin interviewing architects. A high-quality builder can build several styles of homes; however, architects specialize in a specific design style. Having your builder by your side to help with architect selection is a great advantage, as they’ll come to know your vision and aesthetic as a client and can assist with helping you choose the perfect fit for your home. It is important that the architect, builder, client, and designer all work together in a productive and collaborative way. This dream team is a critical piece of the home-building puzzle, ensuring a smooth, fun, and successful project.


Now that you have assembled your builder and architect “dream team”, it’s time to get things moving. But you might be wondering why choosing your builder ahead of the designer was the right now. Choosing your builder first allows the builder to be a part of the design process. It gives you, the client, a chance to work with the builder and get a true feel for what it will be like to work with them for the construction part of the process. You don't want to risk not knowing what it will be like to work with the builder until you’re in a contract with them –

by then it may be too late to turn back!


Another reason to select your builder before design? Value engineering. Builders price things out every day and therefore are more in tune with what costs are for things. This can help with overall cost savings. Builders are also more aware of product availability, so if there is a design feature being discussed, it helps to have someone with the knowledge of which products are accessible to make the feature happen.  


Another good reason to get the builder involved in the early stages is for the building site. Whether the site is already owned by the client or they are thinking of buying, the builder is the best one to assess the site and discuss the pros, cons, and potential added costs due to site conditions.


Lastly, it is important for everyone, especially the builder, to understand “why” something is designed a certain way rather than just “what” will it look like. During construction, if the builder has been a part of the “why” all along, they will have a better insight into the client's vision, will be able to spot potential changes as the project develops, and may be able to offer opportunities to suggest special touches that may not have been thought of before.

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